At Made By Fitness our motto is “Freedom of Movement”. It is our belief that no one should be held prisoner to the construct of physical restrictions if they have the ability to change it. Those restrictions could be in the form of having trouble walking up stairs, pain sitting down and standing up, or unlocking the unlimited physical potential that your body has stored inside. We are in the state of mind that your body is a very intelligible entity capable of correcting pain, stiffness, or pushing itself to its peak physical limits if trained thoroughly through proper mechanics. Made By Fitness is as much a state of mind as it is physical training. Coaches will push and encourage every single client in both aspects to ensure the best results and make sure the proper results are achieved.



Our coaches are ready to help you progress your fitness level with a wide range of services.

Personal Coaching
Our personal coaching program is great for those who want personalized one on one coaching. Each client will get to have a sit down with their coach to go over their fitness goals and receive a custom nutrition and workout program designed specifically to those certain goals. Each coach will map out specifically what it will take to achieve those goals step by step and be there until those results are achieved. Our coaches do more than just instruct you through a workout but teach you lifestyle habits that will produce lasting results.
Remote Coaching
If you are not in our area no problem! Our remote coaching program still gives you all the benefits of personalized coaching. We will still set you up with a coach and go over your fitness goals, create a custom nutrition and workout program and have constant contact with you via email or video conference. Once you have received your workouts for the week, a coach will contact you to explain the workouts. If you have any questions on how any movement should be performed you can ask the coach to show you via video conference and you will have full access to our video library.
Corporate Wellness
Our corporate wellness program is a 6-week program designed specifically to each business. We believe that your occupation will determine what type of workout routine you'll need to do. Our corporate wellness program is for all fitness levels and body types. Whether you're an outstanding athlete already or haven’t worked out in years, this program is for you. Each person will be pushed to do their best (whatever that is for the day) and most important be shown how taking the right steps in bettering your life through fitness is fun. Enjoying yourself is a big step in maintaining a healthy fit lifestyle and we really encourage a fun invigorating atmosphere.
Sports Team Training
If you are an athlete who is looking to take their athletic prowess to the next level this program is for you. In our sports team training we teach the importance of proper mechanics to ensure that the body produces the best, highest achievable physical output. Our coaches will train you in strength and conditioning as well as sport specific performance. You will learn how to explode better, be quicker, get stronger and be faster. You will be taught how to master your body movement from the smallest of details to ensure that you stay healthy and perform at the top of your game.

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Western culture approaches achievement in this way; first think of what you want, plan how to get there, execute the plan and then be the thing you want. The process is; think, do, be. The problem is that we often associate our goals with emotion and self worth, setting the stage for failure and disappointment. […]

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What Is Your Why?

Despite our Aristotelian belief that we humans are rational creatures, much of our decision-making is based on emotion rather than reason. You know you’re not supposed to eat cookies, but they make you feel better, or your doctor told you to start exercising to lower your blood pressure or risk a heart attack, but the […]

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To Supplement or Not to Supplement- That is The Question

To Supplement or Not to Supplement- That is The Question             Okay so here we are; you took control of your life and decided today is the day you go into the gym and start on your fitness journey. You just crushed your first workout, (more like got crushed but hey you finished day 1) […]

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Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson


Michael is a former college football player who turned to personal coaching about 5 years ago. He has competed in several CrossFit competitions as well as weightlifting meets. He has also gone on to get his USAW Sports Performance certification to further train athletes in a new realm of fitness. Michael has trained everyone from top CrossFit athletes, professional sports players, celebrities, to your everyday nine- to-five worker. His top agenda is “Freedom of Movement," which is the belief that no one should be restricted of enjoying life because of physical limitations; that they can change and that no one should leave this earth without unlocking their complete physical potential.

Brandon Sundwall

Brandon Sundwall


Brandon is a former collegiate athlete who has also competed in Crossfit and powerlifting. After a wrestling career at Springfield College, he competed in powerlifting until finding a competitive outlet through Crossfit, eventually leading to his L1 certification. His athletic experience combined with an interest in movement quality and health has lead to his unique approach to fitness. This approach blends performance goals with health & longevity resulting in a “fitness for any activity for life” mentality. As an avid hiker and outdoorsman, he embodies the principle of practical applied fitness and seeks to help others achieve their goals through a focus on proper mechanics, goal oriented programing and constant support & encouragement.

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